Wanna guess where I am on this BIG weekend morning?

Yes, that's correct. I am  hanging out at home sitting on a couch drinking homemade creamy delicious chai tea, thinking of all the wonderful things we can do together with my kids - like making lotion bars or candles!

I am pretty sure that nothing could get me to drive to town today!

But, that doesn't mean that we won't be taking advantage of some of the amazing deals  I am finding online - and they are even sweeter because I don't have to:

(a) Get all dressed up and the kids (quite a chore;-)!

(b) Get up early to get the best deals.

And you shouldn't either! I offer a big SALE through this weekend! Everything is on SALE so sit back, relax and browse our website for some amazing deals while you sip your favorite drink, yep in your pj's! 

Here is to beauty of online shopping!