The Joys of July

Summer is here and we have been busy picking fresh herbs! Lavender is smelling heavenly and calendula flowers are soaking up all the sunshine. Here are just a few photos from our garden! 

Please meet two of our favorite herbs.


(Calendula officinalis) 

This sunny little flower brightens our garden every summer. It is a powerful vulnerary, healing the body by promoting cell repair, and acts as an atiseptic, keeping infections from occurring in injuries. Calendula is most often used externally for bruises, burns, sores, and skin ulcers. And. of course, it is used  in many of our products for its skin - soothing effects. 

My daughter Sofia picks up calendula every day and after it is dry we slowly infuse it in 100% organic olive oil. 


Beautiful, fragrant, and hardy!  It is a strong nervine and a mild antidepressant, and it offers great relief for headaches. The essential oil is excellent for soothing insect bites, bee stings, and burns.